August 31, 2012

Neighborhood Watch Dog


Aug 30th 2012- 57th st & Madison
BANE Puppet & Secret Service announce Bain Capital Endorsement for Mitt Romney.

Aug 31st - NYC 
Workers of the 63rd st Hot & Crusty store legally unionized to demand fair wages & working conditions. In response, the company closed down the store - legal retaliation- leaving workers jobless. Workers organized with Occupy & other groups to protest today. Several arrests

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questionable appearances here

August 25, 2012

dada freedom

To Tzara, Dada was the destruction of everything that led to the "war of wars." The first world war had proved that the structure of society benefitted only those at the top of that structure; consequently, that structure, including its art, should be demolished. Tzara said; 

"Every man must shout; there is great destructive, negative work to be done. To sweep, to clean. The cleanliness of the individual materializes after we've gone through folly, complete folly of a world left in the hands of bandits who have demolished and destroyed the centuries...Every product of the disgust that is capable of becoming a negation of the family is dada: protest with fists of one's whole being."

August 20, 2012

lone tribesman

Gonzo Crazy Horse Oglala in Little Italy - undefaced 
Bradley Manning in dada secret trial absurdity 
Trayvon Martin - Emmett Till sign comparisons on May Day: Brian Kelly& Nysheva-Starr 
L with Basquiat at Greenwood, Brooklyn © Gabriel Gall 
Release Assange at UN, NYC: Clark of Wikileaks Truck, Wikileaks Racing, Julia Vinylated.

August 19, 2012

new mexico

Digging for Pennies

Youtube link to Penny Diggers Documentary-
Live Footage of Penny Diggers
Put in HQ