July 18, 2012

nuclear film discontinued

       J.grenzfurthner, Tim Pool, Con Ed Lock Out, Mitch Altman

July 11, 2012


Will read George Jackson prison letters and perform a song for him. buddha prints on display. I will read poetry of my own and others. will perform music, protest spirit.  photographs of Con Ed lock out, Assange Rallies, surreal scenes and stolen Picasso material. end of an era Mapplethorpe polaroids will be seen as fuji discontinues all it's black & white film for nuclear reasons. 

July 10, 2012

there's going to be a show

there are going to be politicians there, government representatives, heads of state and folks who work under the president. some will be undercover and you won't know who's who. the president's shoe tier will be there as will his butter sculptor. he is working on a piece called "The Queens Odor." all these folks are going to make speeches. we are looking for microphone donations as some will be whispering their speeches to the corner mice way down low on the floor. this is part of the show. do not be alarmed if and when they try to advise you to support fracking, the war in morocco, police brutality, and water boarding. this is just a part of their religion. be tolerant but you'll want to tune your ears towards whoever's making noise in the bathroom, as that's where the show will be taking place. folks from the TV networks will be there, the big ones, not the small muckraker types, and holograms of several old time blues musicians will be positioned in front of these TV personalities as they make speeches on their fair & unbiased reporting. we have also invited a few player pianos to play themselves. unfortunately we couldn't find anyone who knows how to play one manually. some terrorists have been invited cause we think it may draw a crowd, though it isn't necessary for the show to go on. cops are likely to be present, as they are part of a theater piece called The Devil Crawls Out When the Sun Goes Down and Christ Comes Back in the Morning, but we didn't invite them personally. they are just going to show up. we will be arresting a portion of them if they look suspicious or try to use, come close to attempting to use, or think about using their 1st or 4th amendment constitutional rights. if they resist arrest we will release trained hounds. we do not foresee any issues at this time, as most of them are kind working class folk. we will exhibit graffiti and paintings by the artist- photographs as well. some very big and some so small they will be hard to see. the artist will spit poems very fast to a deep bass organ groove. anyone is invited. we only ask for silence upon the shows beginning.

July 07, 2012

tax dodgers baseball team

featuring tax dodgers baseball team & their billionaire owner