December 19, 2012


musical theory whistleblower

December 07, 2012

recession city blues part 2

blue piano player prepares to calm the recession city crowd.

November 12, 2012

Noa Noa

Tehura- wise & affectionate and then filled with folly & frivolity. two opposite beings (leaving out of account many others) infinitely varied, mingled in one. they gave the lie, the one to the other, they succeeded one another with astonishing rapidity. she was not changeable. she was double, triple, multiple

the soul of is not revealed immediately. At the moment you believe you have seized it, it is far away, inaccessible, incommunicable, enveloped in variability. Then of its own free will it reapproaches, only to slip away again as soon as you betray the slightest sign of certitude. And when confused by its externals you seek its inmost truth, it looks at you with tranquil assurance out of the depths of its easy lightheartedness. This tranquility is perhaps less real than it seems.

October 18, 2012

Change the NYPD

Change The NYPD rally, Sept 27th 2012
City Hall Park, New York City

October 11, 2012

work to bone

The artist seeks contact with his intuitive sense of the gods, but in order to create his work, he cannot stay in this seductive and incorporeal realm. He must return to the material world in order to do his work. It’s the artist’s responsibility to balance mystical communication and the labor of creation.

 intricate indian painting, mexican flower, white light. Sacred de commodified.

Freedom is something you have to be very careful about. Whatever you do, you find yourself in chains. The freedom not to do something means you're absolutely bound to do something else. And there are your chains. Human beings sacrificed on the altar of Goldman Sachs will create new Guernicas. Painting is not done to decorate apartments. It is an instrument of war.

September 28, 2012

Sly fBI

Revolutionary, you go clawing at oedipus truth to make compartmentalized sense. Do this to get that, you say. You have many tongues. When you sense one of your mouths taking the reigns, you pursue it for the rest of your life. You question men on statements they made years, months, minutes ago. You erect the white myth of reason. This arbitrarily informs directs and commands you. You hear someone mention suicide and so you step out for a hot dog. Gorging like hogs on charts, results, the electronic label maker abused like a drug. Black pepper, white salt. You Are No Free Poet. Do not ask teacher what buddha means. Do not ask what picasso means. Picasso will not answer. His secretary will pick up the phone- "Call God. We are busy."

September 17, 2012


-NYPD throw 60yr-old-man to the ground at zuccotti park
(only a group of nearby tourists is surprised)
-2nd image down of July art Show by sasha arutyunova
- knock off NYPD barricades read: "OWS - protecting the people from the powerful"
- my work featured on bill moyers segment in reference to the Hot & Crusty workers struggle (ongoing)

September 06, 2012

take like careful drugs

Clausewitz on War.
Mapplethorpe Tantric Work
The Letters of General Robert E. Lee
Blake Marriage of Heaven and Hell.
Van Gogh letters to his brother Theo.
Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.
Gauguin writing from an Island - Noa Noa
George Jackson Prison Letters.
George Jackson Blood in my eye.
George Jackson letters to Angela Davis.
Crazy Horse Mari Sandoz

the ancient celts carefully distinguished the poet, who was originally a priest and judge and whose person was sacrosanct, from the gleeman. when two armies engaged in battle, the poets of both sides would withdraw together to a hill and there judiciously discuss the fighting. The gleeman, on the other hand was a joculator or entertainer.

Rothko feb. 2nd 1948- There has been an organized attack on "unintelligible" art simultaneously in the NY Times, Art News, Telegram, etc. That in itself does not trouble me. What is amusing is the artists, who being attacked and planning reprisals, are as fearful of their vested interests and of offending somebody or other, as if they were merchants or peddlers. I think the attack is the greatest signal honor which we have received here in ten years. To be intelligible to them is dishonorable and suspect.

August 31, 2012

Neighborhood Watch Dog


Aug 30th 2012- 57th st & Madison
BANE Puppet & Secret Service announce Bain Capital Endorsement for Mitt Romney.

Aug 31st - NYC 
Workers of the 63rd st Hot & Crusty store legally unionized to demand fair wages & working conditions. In response, the company closed down the store - legal retaliation- leaving workers jobless. Workers organized with Occupy & other groups to protest today. Several arrests

Click for Village Voice Article featurin above photo 

Click for my videos of arrests
questionable appearances here

August 25, 2012

dada freedom

To Tzara, Dada was the destruction of everything that led to the "war of wars." The first world war had proved that the structure of society benefitted only those at the top of that structure; consequently, that structure, including its art, should be demolished. Tzara said; 

"Every man must shout; there is great destructive, negative work to be done. To sweep, to clean. The cleanliness of the individual materializes after we've gone through folly, complete folly of a world left in the hands of bandits who have demolished and destroyed the centuries...Every product of the disgust that is capable of becoming a negation of the family is dada: protest with fists of one's whole being."

August 20, 2012

lone tribesman

Gonzo Crazy Horse Oglala in Little Italy - undefaced 
Bradley Manning in dada secret trial absurdity 
Trayvon Martin - Emmett Till sign comparisons on May Day: Brian Kelly& Nysheva-Starr 
L with Basquiat at Greenwood, Brooklyn © Gabriel Gall 
Release Assange at UN, NYC: Clark of Wikileaks Truck, Wikileaks Racing, Julia Vinylated.

August 19, 2012

new mexico

Digging for Pennies

Youtube link to Penny Diggers Documentary-
Live Footage of Penny Diggers
Put in HQ

July 18, 2012

nuclear film discontinued

       J.grenzfurthner, Tim Pool, Con Ed Lock Out, Mitch Altman

July 11, 2012


Will read George Jackson prison letters and perform a song for him. buddha prints on display. I will read poetry of my own and others. will perform music, protest spirit.  photographs of Con Ed lock out, Assange Rallies, surreal scenes and stolen Picasso material. end of an era Mapplethorpe polaroids will be seen as fuji discontinues all it's black & white film for nuclear reasons. 

July 10, 2012

there's going to be a show

there are going to be politicians there, government representatives, heads of state and folks who work under the president. some will be undercover and you won't know who's who. the president's shoe tier will be there as will his butter sculptor. he is working on a piece called "The Queens Odor." all these folks are going to make speeches. we are looking for microphone donations as some will be whispering their speeches to the corner mice way down low on the floor. this is part of the show. do not be alarmed if and when they try to advise you to support fracking, the war in morocco, police brutality, and water boarding. this is just a part of their religion. be tolerant but you'll want to tune your ears towards whoever's making noise in the bathroom, as that's where the show will be taking place. folks from the TV networks will be there, the big ones, not the small muckraker types, and holograms of several old time blues musicians will be positioned in front of these TV personalities as they make speeches on their fair & unbiased reporting. we have also invited a few player pianos to play themselves. unfortunately we couldn't find anyone who knows how to play one manually. some terrorists have been invited cause we think it may draw a crowd, though it isn't necessary for the show to go on. cops are likely to be present, as they are part of a theater piece called The Devil Crawls Out When the Sun Goes Down and Christ Comes Back in the Morning, but we didn't invite them personally. they are just going to show up. we will be arresting a portion of them if they look suspicious or try to use, come close to attempting to use, or think about using their 1st or 4th amendment constitutional rights. if they resist arrest we will release trained hounds. we do not foresee any issues at this time, as most of them are kind working class folk. we will exhibit graffiti and paintings by the artist- photographs as well. some very big and some so small they will be hard to see. the artist will spit poems very fast to a deep bass organ groove. anyone is invited. we only ask for silence upon the shows beginning.

July 07, 2012

tax dodgers baseball team

featuring tax dodgers baseball team & their billionaire owner

June 29, 2012

JP Morgan

as a deity figure.
owned most of the US at the time
all knowing.
all seeing.

June 21, 2012

June 02, 2012


all hollywood all the time ©

May 29, 2012

rep rep rep


top- Signs making the Emmett Till - Trayvon Martin comparison on May 1st
Bryant Park, nyc. Posters by brian kelly. 

May 04, 2012

M. slavin

May 1st, 2012

 I can hear another drum
beating for the dead that rise
whom nature's beast fears as they come.

French girl she's in paradise
and a drunken man is at the wheel.
Hunger pays a heavy price 
to the fallen gods of speed and steel. 

April 29, 2012


prince of the paupers, street. 
w/ a land 104 & fuji peel film. 

April 21, 2012


god keep you and me from the divinity of yes and no too - the yea, nay, creeping jesus- from supposing up and down to be the same thing. i listen to one of my tongues take the reins. outside a siren whines leadin me down another line i jump but get sidetracked by clunkin footsteps down the street it is as though my mind aint mine to make up anymore. fear, the emotion that stiffens and  inhibits the minds of most men causing them to be incapable of acting in their defense at the moment of trial, is totally lackin in me. detached and unconcerned, the payment for life is death. a silver peace reigns and becomes the nerves of morning and i stand up and yawn hot with jumpin pulse never tired never sad never guilty for i am runnin in a fair race with no racetrack but the night and no competition but the dawn. 

the underground's gone deeper
says the old chimney sweeper
the underground's outa work
sing the bells of New York
the underground's more dangerous
ring the bells of Los Angeles
the underground's gone
cry the bells of San Juan

April 15, 2012

liberty fight with buddha

featuring the ows puppetry guild & The Tax Dodgers