November 12, 2012

Noa Noa

Tehura- wise & affectionate and then filled with folly & frivolity. two opposite beings (leaving out of account many others) infinitely varied, mingled in one. they gave the lie, the one to the other, they succeeded one another with astonishing rapidity. she was not changeable. she was double, triple, multiple

the soul of is not revealed immediately. At the moment you believe you have seized it, it is far away, inaccessible, incommunicable, enveloped in variability. Then of its own free will it reapproaches, only to slip away again as soon as you betray the slightest sign of certitude. And when confused by its externals you seek its inmost truth, it looks at you with tranquil assurance out of the depths of its easy lightheartedness. This tranquility is perhaps less real than it seems.