No Land's Films & Cine-Poems


Escaped Nun (2023 for Mary Korte, with music by Oliver Ray & Gabriel Gall) 
Mercy-Eyed (2022, premiered at Burroughs Bunker  & Harvard) 

Poet's Temple (premiered Naropa University & in Tucson AZ) 2022-2021

Thrum (2021, Issue Project Room, with Joanna Mattrey)

No Land Artists Diary ---  for Arts for Art, 2020

Evening of the Day (w/ Marianne Faithful & dedicated to Hal Willner, 2020) 

Crepuscular (Anne Waldman poem, Ambrose sound, showed 2018 at poetry project)

Ruminations (2018, A film from Taylor Jerry & No Land) 

Sniffing Tears (No Land & Brahja Waldman) 2017