November 01, 2022

Giorno/Burroughs Bunker show imagery


photographs: Richard Lenz, Oliver Ray 

September 28, 2022

Upcoming Oct 25th, NYC

Oct 25th
at the very sacred Bunker
NYC home to W Burroughs & J. Giorno
With musicians
Bentley Anderson & Daniel Carter
Night of Poetry & the short film premiere of
Tickets here (<-- click)
Photograph by richard Lenz &
With gratitude to Giorno foundation


August 13, 2022

mystery iridescent upon monastic night & Swift Shadow poems


two recent pieces published in Visible Binary journal 
& C. S. Merrill's Southwest Poetry Journal
August 2022 

March 23, 2022

Radio Nopal, Mexico City

archive link: 
No Land, Fast Speaking Music, Anne Waldman on Radio Nopal
march 22, 2022
bottom photo by Lucia Hinojosa in mexico city

March 09, 2022

gemini illusory mosaic rumination

link to written piece for Jazz Right Now / February 2022: 
Rain of Gems in Eye’s Illusory mosaic: Rumination on two years 

images by gabriel gall, oliver ray, kendra kreuger 

January 06, 2022