April 21, 2012


god keep you and me from the divinity of yes and no too - the yea, nay, creeping jesus- from supposing up and down to be the same thing. i listen to one of my tongues take the reins. outside a siren whines leadin me down another line i jump but get sidetracked by clunkin footsteps down the street it is as though my mind aint mine to make up anymore. fear, the emotion that stiffens and  inhibits the minds of most men causing them to be incapable of acting in their defense at the moment of trial, is totally lackin in me. detached and unconcerned, the payment for life is death. a silver peace reigns and becomes the nerves of morning and i stand up and yawn hot with jumpin pulse never tired never sad never guilty for i am runnin in a fair race with no racetrack but the night and no competition but the dawn. 

the underground's gone deeper
says the old chimney sweeper
the underground's outa work
sing the bells of New York
the underground's more dangerous
ring the bells of Los Angeles
the underground's gone
cry the bells of San Juan