December 31, 2011

butter sculpt

look you asshole- tho i might be nothing but a butter sculptor, i refuse to go on working with the idea of your praising as my reward- like what are your credentials anyway? except for talking about all us butter sculptors, what else do you do? do you know what it feels like to make some butter sculpture? do you know what it feels like to actually ooze that butter around & create something of fantastic worth? you said that my last year's work "The King's Odor" was great & then you say i havent done anything as great since - just who the hell are you talking to anyway? you must have something to do in your real life- i understand that you praised the piece you saw yesterday entitled "The monkey Taster" about which you said meant "a nice work of butter carved into the shape of a young man who likes only african women" you are an idiot - it doesnt mean that at all... I hereby want nothing to do with your hangups- i really don't care what you think of my work as i now know you don't understand it anyway... i must go now... i have this new hunk of margarine waiting in the bathtub- yes i said MARGARINE & next week i just might decide to use cream cheese - & i really don't care what you think of my experimenting - you take yourself too seriously - youre going to get an ulcer & go into the hospital - they'll put you in a ward where you cant have any visitors - you'll go right off your nut - i really don't care anymore - i am so bored with your rules & regulations that i might not even talk to you again - just remember tho, when you evaluate a piece of butter - you are talking about yourself, so you'd just better sign your name...see, you, if youre lucky at mrs. keeler's cake festival