December 07, 2011

condemn in the schoolhouse

he possessing all religion
he denouncing brick
he building empires kingdoms pyramids palaces
tosses matches to them watch 'em blaze

he who knows it does not matter what you build 
or how far you drag body through dirt
but how much dirt are you trekking into the castle
how dirty is the kings gown how loud will you shout

our mighty fraud leader. 

queen of the underdogs prince of the paupers
brother of a lineage bulldogs prowling through city slickers
bobcats easing through jungles 
losing legs and arms and limbs like nothin'
he's headin down to the african continent. 

trail blazin boyscout how i feel you
roaming eternal roaming
wounds through the heart at outcast extremes
exiled from your country by your own design
your art put on hitler's display, "degenerate degenerate degenerate"
they taunted you. 

you gave glory
and they tossed it in the river. 

how they praise you and do not heed your words
how they admire your rebellion and 
conform,  miming historians
how guilty i feel to read you in warm piss swimming pool
i wish to read you in the egyptian desert 
walkin like an egyptian
with odetta jack dan
or on the hunt 
or on the road

artificial cave canned holy sprayed on wall masking tape duct tape 
whole 9 yards of it

you of deepest blue wrongful colors mixed in
pure by that which has dirtied you
an untouchable youth on fire 
disobeying genius
the kind they condemn in the schoolhouse
the kind they envy
your freedom 
your demise, 
they wish for it all