November 19, 2014

post. nov 19. 2014

Mrs. Ledbetter,
I want you to have a spacious apartment with nice and simple appliances and windows that seal the warm air in and the cold air out.  I want you to have water and a stove that isn't smoky and endless rolls of tight canvas and paper and bottles of ink and paint. Want you to have a telephone on a desk and a computer in the corner and a working typewriter, and clean socks in your drawer. 

Do you think you'll make it,  Mrs. Ledbetter? The road is fast and unknown. 

Joe Biden.


Dear Joe,
Thank you for your note with your dreams for the year 2050.  I will try to start signing each one up for EBT. Then I will file them in our drawer of thanksgiving prayers & will hand them out on the corner next Thursday. We are first working towards producing a B flat out of the saxophone, this has been going on for fourteen years now. & we are dealing with that pipeline that goes thru the bathroom and is so full of it.. that's that whole road from Canada to Mexico. Do bring your amp to dinner next tuesday. Don't worry about me. We just need to send back all of the mailing from all the people who wrote us for help, so they don't expect anything. Bring your RETURN TO SENDER stamps.

See you.
-Mrs. Ledbetter