November 14, 2014

veteran's day 2014

Don’t want to throw away any sacred things.
veterans day parade -nyc- an old western cinema'd ghost town silently moving down fifth avenue w/ senior citizens cheering quietly from sidelined lawn chairs & a few tourist attendees -sparse- dotting police barricades, not even enough of them to Be Touching. imagery paid to Float. solemn surreality because it is all real & very painful & condemning it is not advancing any truth. 14 cops w/ machine guns greeting as you come up 23rd street stop & a lone officer guarding the outside of a donut shop w/ giant gun. guy with microscopic bullet holes in his shirt on corner of madison sq park & american flag held to belly w/ Masking Tape, speaks into Tape recorder about the sexual advances made towards him by the director of housing of veterans Affairs. just an audio record never to be released on any website a nameless fossil says no photographs