November 25, 2014

Art w/o fund

Protest = Art & Theater. The collective realization that the reality we are born into is not permanent, steel reality. Time on earth is limited. The cities steeped in corruption & gloss & saturated-glowing-selling-distraction Need Not be the backgrounds before which we spend all our holy time on the planet. It was chosen & it can all be unchosen.

Cosmic issues play out in public at protests, with Signs (poets everywhere) and chants (music) and anger over the imposed regulations. Laws- against using your own voice, against inhabiting or visiting specific land, street, water on earth, laws that give the right to some men to end other mens sacred lives, etc. The reality we find by default is propelled by those who do not value their own births, let alone the sacred births of others. Requiring a dose of Ra.

Protest is art, can be holier than art, it aims to tear into the flesh of the fabricated reality, to transcend the bricks by whatever peaceful / enflamed needs necessary. Art on steroids. Street theater but it is Real & it is for Everyone. You don't need any money or power or funds for paint or microphones or cameras or costumes to partake & examine the reality. It understands that life can be changed, just as the artist understands the need to create the form of sacred life they wish to live. A flock cry that the struggles put in place by the powerful are not set in stone & will not determine everyone's reality forever. It is art especially when it does not place factual truth (represented by charts and graphs and statistics, skewed tests run in back rooms) as the end all be all of reality. Those things may come second to the urgent need to move the century forward based on principles of jazz holiness art & life.